St. Paul Irish Fair 2015

We recently went to the St. Paul Irish Fair again (my last post on it is here: St. Paul Irish Fair) and I took a bunch of pictures. We were there fairly early so it wasn’t too crowded yet, but we did get to see some bagpipes players and some great views of St. Paul again.

Irish Fair 2015-5

This shows part of the fairgrounds and the massive St. Paul Cathedral on the horizon.

Irish Fair 2015-6

These Border Collies had just finished herding some sheep for a demonstration, and were now keeping a wary eye on each other.

The fair is held on Harriet Island, (not actually an island, but it does border the Mississippi River) with a dock that has great views of the St. Paul Skyline. I ended up taking several pictures from there.

Irish Fair 2015-4

Irish Fair 2015 pano

Here you can see the sandstone bluffs that St. Paul is built on. There is a huge maze of tunnels under the city, where hand-carved tunnels intersect with brick tunnels and go out in every direction. I think one of them actually comes out under the bridge there.

Irish Fair 2015

This is the Science Museum of Minnesota. I actually found an interesting effect…this picture, I took right on the bank of the river, looking across to the museum. The next picture, I took awhile further back, but with the same amount of zoom. It shows the bagpipes players and parts of the fair from behind, with the same building looming in the background. Look how differently it looks backed up, at a slightly different angle, and with more context in the foreground.

Irish Fair 2015-7

Irish Fair 2015-2

I like the pictures from here that show the city in the background, its a great feature of this location. Oh, and the park has some massive trees around, some of the biggest I have seen in the state, although my picture last year showed the size a bit better.

Irish Fair 2015-8The Irish Fair is pretty fun, with good music, vendors, and a lot of great photographic opportunities. I wonder how this park looks without the fair set up?


Covington Inn Bed and Breakfast

Covington Inn

This is the Covington Inn, a tugboat turned bed and breakfast which sits moored to a dock in St. Paul. This looks like it would have been a really cool place to stay at, but the For Sale signs indicate that it is no longer. Here is an article about the Covington Inn, explaining that it has gone on sale. I am not sure if they are still operating until it is sold or not. Hopefully it will be bought by someone and continue to provide this relaxing getaway right in the city.