Silverwood Park

Silverwood Park, located in St. Anthony (and part of the Three Rivers Park District) is known as an “art park”. There are a multitude of sculptures, some of which are inspired by nature, a nice visitor center, and classes related to art (such as painting and pottery classes). There are also musical events at their outdoor amphitheater, amid the scenic oak trees.

Silverwood Park-5

Silverwood Park looks especially nice in the fall.

Silverwood Park-4

One of the first sculptures you see on your way into the park.

You can enjoy the waters of Silver Lake too, which the park borders. There is even a boardwalk going out to an island on the lake. This isn’t any kind of wilderness, and has more of a picnic-park feel, but its still a pleasant walk and has a unique atmosphere because of the art.

Silverwood Park

This giant ‘5’ is one of the more eye-catching sculptures.

Silverwood Park-2

How about a giant heron?

The park also has a Little Free Library and several geocaches. Its a nice place to stop off at and unwind if you are in the area, especially if you are an art lover.

Silverwood Park-3