Minneapolis from Mill City

minneapolis photos-3

I spent awhile trying to get this picture with no cars actually driving on the road. I like the atmosphere of it, with people just walking around everywhere on empty streets.


We recently spent some time at the Mill City Farmers Market in Minneapolis. Mill City is a region of Minneapolis that has several old grain mills, which greatly contributed to the growth of the city in its early years. Now, there is a urban farmers market held there, right next to the ruins of an old mill that were turned into a museum. Its a unique area of the city, and its right next to the Guthrie Theater, a building which has great views of the Minneapolis skyline and the new Minnesota Stadium.

farmers market-2

Farmers Market from Above

farmers market

This seems like a good spot for some street photography. This is pretty much the only street-photography-style photo I have taken; I think it turned out decently, but the focus missed a bit.


minneapolis photos-4

This is part of the Stone Arch Bridge and St. Anthony Falls. I really liked having the people in there for scale, although I wonder how it would look zoomed in a lot more on the people with the falls just in the background.

After wandering around the market for awhile and taking some pictures, we went to the Guthrie to get the next two pictures: the first one of the Minneapolis skyline, and the second taken through some yellow-tinted windows they have all the way at the top, looking at the new stadium which is currently under construction.

minneapolis photos-2

minneapolis photos

The otherworldly vibe is kind of cool, and it was even cooler in person, just seeing the world like that. You could see the skyline too, although I didn’t get any good pictures of it from there.

The Farmers Market is held on Saturdays, 8 AM to 1 PM through September. If you are looking for something to do around Minneapolis, consider visiting the market and the Mill City Museum, and then just looking around and seeing the sights, It’s a good way to spend a Saturday.

Mill City Farmers Market

Farmers Market

This is the Mill City Farmers Market. We recently went to the Mill City Museum, and just outside was a farmers market, with all kinds of fresh produce, crafts, and unique foods. I think this picture was taken from the Endless Bridge at the Guthrie Theater, which gives a nice view of this area of the city. The view from the Mill City Museum at the top of the 9-story ‘Flour Tower’ tour is very good as well.