April 6th, Short post with sunrise pictures

Heading out of the house this morning, we noticed there was a beautiful sunrise. My mom dropped me off on the sidewalk quickly to take some pictures. I have some other pictures from a short hike today too, but I just wanted to share these sunrise pictures tonight.


DSCN06683997 DSCN06673997 DSCN06743997

In the next pictures, I tried the manual Dusk/Dawn setting on my camera. In this case it made things a bit darker and bluer than it was in reality.

DSCN06893997 DSCN06783997


The only retouching I did was to lighten up the last two pictures, since they didn’t look quite right originally but still captured nice views.

Bonus: random picture of Minneapolis from April 5th. Not a perfect picture(due to marks on the windshield), but I thought it made for a nice view of the city anyway.