Garter Snake Figure Eight

garter snake


We found this garter snake at Fort Snelling State Park. I was taking pictures when my dad came closer to it, and it coiled up quickly, took a few bluffing strikes, and ended up slithering away. I shot a bunch of pictures while it was coiling up, and this was one of the most interesting. Its a striking figure eight shape. This picture actually wasn’t zoomed in so far, but I could zoom in a lot in post production to catch the details on its scales and the red colors running down the side.

Admiring the Stillwater Overlook

stillwater overlook

I normally hadn’t thought to turn back and take pictures of people at different overlooks, instead preferring to just capture the landscape. But, after walking away a bit and turning back, I realized that capturing the people admiring the overlook might make an interesting photo. It provides a nice sense of scale, and can allow more pictures to be taken at a place you thought you had exhausted.

Their hair colors went pretty nicely with the buildings and rock outcroppings, too.