I took this photo of some sumac at a small park in Andover, Minnesota. Sumac grows all over the place in the summer, and I have always liked it because it has a unique structure. The wavy tangle of branches is very distinctive. I hadn’t been taking many photos for awhile, so I decided to take my camera with and make sure I took one of something. After looking around, this seemed to be a good choice.

Rum River at Martin’s Meadows

rum river at martins meadows

Martin’s Meadows is an open-spaces park in Andover, Minnesota. It is quite scenic and even has some hills to add elevation and a feeling of isolation. The trails aren’t too extensive, but there is a lot of space particularly along the Rum River. Some of the coolest places are off the beaten path. I had been following the river off road for about ten minutes before taking this photo. This was in the evening though, so if I went back again, I would have been wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants. Mosquitoes were starting to appear by the end and I had to swat many away.

Anoka from Above

I recently heard about a good spot to see the city of Anoka from. On the seventh floor of the Anoka County Courthouse, there are several windows that provide an expansive view of the town and the surrounding land. From this height, it looks like Anoka is surrounded by a huge forest, only occasionally broken by other buildings.

anoka wider

I was able to clean up this wider photo in Lightroom afterwards, but there is still some flare visible on the left. Trying to take photos at too much of an angle got even more distorted…a tricky aspect of taking photos through windows. This shows quite a bit of downtown Anoka though.