Rum River at Martin’s Meadows

rum river at martins meadows

Martin’s Meadows is an open-spaces park in Andover, Minnesota. It is quite scenic and even has some hills to add elevation and a feeling of isolation. The trails aren’t too extensive, but there is a lot of space particularly along the Rum River. Some of the coolest places are off the beaten path. I had been following the river off road for about ten minutes before taking this photo. This was in the evening though, so if I went back again, I would have been wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants. Mosquitoes were starting to appear by the end and I had to swat many away.

Rainbow Island, Lake Mille Lacs


Lake Mille Lacs is located north of the Twin Cities. It is a large lake (207 square miles) but not particularly deep for such a large lake, at a maximum of 42 feet. It is a very popular fishing spot. I hadn’t been up there in awhile, and it was a nice gloomy day, so I got some pictures I liked. This is Rainbow Island, just a little bit off the shore. It is so close to the water level, it almost looks like the trees are right on top of the water.