Abandoned Farm Houses in Rogers

In Rogers, Minnesota, there is a collection of ramshackle farm houses on a plot of land right next to a well-traveled road and warehouse complex. Today, we decided to stop at them and take some pictures. This was the perfect season to capture the eerie, decrepit atmosphere.

Abandoned Farm Rogers-4

Parts of the grounds are overgrown with plants, and even trees.

Abandoned Farm Rogers-5

This barn is the largest building on the property.

Abandoned Farm Rogers-6

Abandoned Farm Rogers-3

It’s clear animals have been taking advantage of the unused buildings. There is a burrow leading under this shack, and in the barn, we saw a long-dead fox.

Abandoned Farm Rogers-2

Abandoned Farm Rogers

Abandoned Farm Rogers-7

Inside the last building.

Abandoned Farm Rogers-8

I was surprised by how this picture came out, I thought it looked pretty interesting.

Abandoned Farm Rogers-9

Inside the barn.

Abandoned Farm Rogers-10

Abandoned Farm Rogers-11

This isn’t quite as creepy as a mysterious crib would be, but it is still pretty off-putting.


It’s always fun to stop at abandoned places like this and wonder what their history was. I don’t know what is happening next with this land, but who knows how much longer these buildings will still be here. Taking pictures of places like this can be such a departure from normal nature photos, but still has a feeling of exploration and documentation. It’s nice to mix it up sometimes.

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