Fall at Elm Creek Park Reserve

Fall at Elm Creek

Fall is in full swing now, and is actually nearing its end. By now, most of the leaves have dropped. A few weeks ago though, Elm Creek Park Reserve in particular had great colors. There were a lot of yellows and oranges. I started at the Woodman Nature Center and hiked part of the Meadowlark Trail.

Fall at Elm Creek-2

Fall at Elm Creek-3

Fall at Elm Creek-5

I struck out into a more open field to get this picture. For some reason, it’s one of my favorites from the day.

Fall at Elm Creek-4

These bright yellow colors were prominent throughout the park.

Fall at Elm Creek-6

It’s too bad fall colors are so short-lived, because they are fun to work with for photography, especially against a nice blue sky for contrast. But soon we will get the cool blue tones of winter instead. I wonder how this last picture would look with a foot of snow?

Fall at Elm Creek-7


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