Another Day in Stillwater


The Commander Grain Elevator in Stillwater. A restaurant has actually opened in this building now.

Last Saturday I took a bunch of pictures of Stillwater. Because it has a nice downtown and has hills around the town, there are a lot of opportunities for pictures. I have taken a lot of other photos in Stillwater too:

A Day in Stillwater

A Day in Stillwater: Part 2

Stillwater Flooding, Summer 2014

I just grabbed some of the best from this last time and put them here. Thanks for reading!


The well-known lift bridge was up to let a few boats through.


Progress is being made on the nearby bridge.



Downtown Stillwater, these are the nice historic buildings Stillwater is known for.



Getting up higher now, I was climbing up a big staircase at the edge of town.


Here is the great view: The edge of Stillwater and the blue St. Croix. It’s a lot of fun to find views like this, they aren’t as common near the Twin Cities unless you get up in a building. I liked all the patterns on the water that day.

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