Carlos Avery Turtles

While driving around at Carlos Avery WMA, we found two turtles on the side of the road. Since we see turtles through there that have been hit by cars, we decided to move them away from it, hoping they would wander off some other way. But first, pictures!


This is the painted turtle, pretty much the most common turtle in Minnesota. You see them on the sides of roads, in ponds, sunning themselves on logs…this one was feisty, trying to get out of our hands and struggling the whole time. We found it in the open area of the park, near a marsh.

The other turtle, on the other hand, was more exciting. We found it in a much more forested area, just sitting there. It was really docile, and we didn’t know what kind of turtle it was at the time. It didn’t even walk away, and just pulled back into its shell when we picked it up.




As it turns out, this was the endangered Blanding’s turtle. It was considerably bigger than the painted turtle, and cute too. This was pretty exciting to see.

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