The Blaine Wetland Sanctuary

In Blaine, Minnesota, bordering the prestigious housing complex known as The Lakes, there is a large plot of land (500 acres) that the City of Blaine has acquired. We have been spending some time there recently, looking for antlers shed by the areas large herd/herds of deer. Almost every time we are out, you can see 7 or more deer bounding gracefully into the distance, seeking shelter either in deeper woods or in the dense wetlands.

Until recently the land was just Site 7 of the various Blaine Open Spaces, but alongside a new plan to restore the wetland and build some facilities, such as a trail and a visitors center, it got the new name: Blaine Wetland Sanctuary. Right now though, it is still undeveloped, and almost all wandering is on deer paths or off road.

After taking some lackluster photos, things came into alignment when we went out there early enough to catch the sunrise. This time the harsh light of late morning to midday I was working with before was replaced with the beautiful light of early morning, and the pictures turned out much better, even though I had some issues getting proper focus occasionally. Here is the collection I shot that day.



River and Wetlands

River and Wetlands


Early Spring Frost on a Milkweed Seed

Mossy Sunshine

Mossy Sunshine


Captured Air


A Path


Up Close

Overall scenes may appear brown and decayed, but when you get in close to the moss or leaf litter, you can see the green starting to appear. It may be tinged with frost these days, but the first signs of Summer are poking out and getting ready for the explosion of growth as soon as it gets warmer.


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