Spring Destinations and Activities in Minnesota

Well, the weather is getting warmer around the Twin Cities. We are looking at a week or so of temperatures around 60 degrees. If it doesn’t get cold again, Spring is right around the corner, so I grabbed a few destinations and activities for springtime. I would love to hear more recommendations in the comments. Most outdoor activities are great in springtime because it is nice to be outside in the warmer weather, and see everything start to grow again, but I don’t know a lot about specific places. I will update the post as I find more things and get recommendations too.


The Munsinger and Clemens Botanical Gardens in St. Cloud

These two adjacent botanical gardens in St. Cloud are well-known for their beauty. They will open up in Spring, and their website says they are especially good in late Spring.

While you are there, you could make a day of it, and visit Quarry Park and the Stearns History Museum.


Spring is a great time to get out into the countryside and do some stargazing. Jupiter can be found in the East, and you can easily see its moons through binoculars or possibly some details of the atmosphere with a telescope. Setting in the West is Venus and Mars. The Orion Nebula is easy to find in Orion to the South, and if you are somewhere dark enough, you might be able to see the Milky Way stretching from South to North.

Later in the night, Saturn will be rising in the South, and on March 12th the Moon and Saturn will pass close to each other in the sky. Here is a calendar that talks more about the events coming up for March. Just change the month at the top to see the other Spring months.

Spring is so good because you can see some of the interesting objects that are convenient in Winter, like Jupiter, Mars, and Orion, but it isn’t cold and hard to enjoy yourself.


Spring is the perfect time to look for most wildflowers. Barring unusual circumstances, there probably won’t be many blooming in March, but there should be plenty in April and May. Here is a list of some of the wildflowers that bloom in April. In my experience, Nerstrand Big Woods State Park is one of the best places for plants and wildflowers. I wrote about a visit there in late May last year: Nerstrand Big Woods, May 26th


Again, if anyone has some other ideas for activities or places to visit in Spring, I would appreciate it if you let me know in the comments! I will update the main post as I get more recommendations. Hopefully, we can get some good ideas in here. Thanks!

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