Anthills and trees as weather indicators?

I recently stumbled upon this fascinating infographic on various observations that can forecast weather. Some of them seem to be a bit of a stretch or an old wives tale (cats clean behind their ears often, and how often do you actually see a rainbow in the east or west?) but it is still an interesting read.
I knew that we would have storms yesterday evening in Minnesota, and while I was outside I noticed two of the supposed indicators: first, a maple tree was showing the silvery undersides of its leaves (under the Wind section of the infographic) and second, there were many anthills with steep sides scattered around (#3 under Animals).
Bottom of Leaves
Anthill 2
Now, if you look hard enough, you could probably find anthills with steep sides anytime. But, I will keep an eye on them in the future and see if I can see a correlation or not. If it is true, there could be a timelapse opportunity; you would just have to know that rain is coming and then pick an anthill that seems to be changing shape, and then set it up and watch them work.

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