Mill City Farmers Market

Farmers Market

This is the Mill City Farmers Market. We recently went to the Mill City Museum, and just outside was a farmers market, with all kinds of fresh produce, crafts, and unique foods. I think this picture was taken from the Endless Bridge at the Guthrie Theater, which gives a nice view of this area of the city. The view from the Mill City Museum at the top of the 9-story ‘Flour Tower’ tour is very good as well.

2 thoughts on Mill City Farmers Market

  1. It’s interesting that the farmers’ market in this picture has a bunch of tents set up. All the ones I’ve seen have been under pavilions.

    I like the muted contrast in this photo, all the different colors together with a 70s photo filter feel. I’m not even thinking you applied a filter. Might just be a pleasant oddity of the lighting.

    • Yeah, I had the camera set to JPG so this isn’t really altered. It was interesting, I always associate farmers markets with being rural, something you would see once you drive into the country a little bit. This was right in the middle of a very urban area though.

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