Trees late at night

Night Trees-1

This picture isn’t that great on its own; it needs some context to become interesting. I took this picture at night, after the sun had set and the sky was uniformly overcast. It was dark enough that all I could see were silhouettes against the grey. I went outside to just look around and see if there were any interesting insects, like moths, to photograph. While the night reveals interesting creatures you don’t always see in daytime, there was not much to photograph. So, I wanted to try an experiment I had heard about before. This involves setting up a tripod and having a long shutter speed and a high ISO, the cameras sensitivity to light.

In this photo, the shutter speed was open for, I think I was doing 25 seconds at this point. The compromises I had to take in order to actually expose the picture took their toll on image quality. It is rather grainy from the high ISO, and the almost imperceptible breeze still moved around the tips of the trees and blurred them over 25 seconds.

But, nonetheless, I saw dark black silhouettes and got green, relatively colorful leaves upon a strange looking, uniformly-lit sky. This could be really interesting to try out in larger, open fields.

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