Sugar Loaf in Winona

Sugar Loaf


When my grandparents and I were passing through Winona, Minnesota on our way back from Effigy Mounds National Monument, we noticed a photo opportunity. Winona has a prominent rock outcropping called Sugar Loaf (daytime picture below). It is lit up at night by a spotlight. We noticed the moon was lining up with it nicely, and pulled off into the streets to find a good spot. It was difficult to photograph, because the moon is so much brighter than the rock was; I couldn’t get either one in great exposure. This was the best I had, which, with a bit of post processing, brought out details in the rock and kept the moon at a decent level. The light around the moon looked interesting too.

This photo was actually taken at the same time as the American Flag photo I uploaded for the 4th of July.


Sugar Loaf daytime

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  1. Could I use the nighttime Sugarloaf image in a Winona family reunion tshirt i’m printing? Please contact mattsieracki at gmail

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