Stillwater Flooding, Summer 2014

The State of Minnesota in general has been experiencing some flooding lately, due to heavy rains. Since there are a lot of rivers and towns on rivers, when they overflow, it does some localized damage, and when that is happening all over the place it does some damage. We expect some river flooding in spring but it is abnormal this late in the summer.

Vast Stretches of Minnesota Are Flooded as Swollen Rivers Overflow

One community that we knew was affected by the flooding was Stillwater, a town on the St. Croix River across from Wisconsin. I posted up a picture of the historic Lift Bridge at Stillwater yesterday, which was closed due to high waters. We went to see the flooding and take some pictures on June 28th, here are the best ones.


2 thoughts on Stillwater Flooding, Summer 2014

  1. It’s really troublesome when heavy rain comes unexpected, I hope it doesn’t interrupt tomorrow’s celebration. Happy 4th of July.

    • It shouldn’t be much of a problem. My town isn’t really having much flooding, and a lot of rain and wet, lush vegetation is better for fireworks so no fires start in dry brush.

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