Red Wing Revisited

After going to Duluth on Sunday, we decided to head south on Monday. We visited some other cool places, but it will take a bit longer to get the pictures from those up, so I am putting a few pictures from Red Wing up alone. Now that it is green and summertime in Minnesota, I tried to take some similar pictures to the ones in my other Red Wing post, Day trip to Red Wing on 4/21/2014, to show the difference. That post has a bit more context as to what I am taking pictures of, and talks more about the Red Wing area.


A new picture, while we were driving down the road I saw a view like this through the front windshield and thought it could make a good picture. That is Barn Bluff in the background.


A few hikers on the top of Barn Bluff.


This is the overlook I have taken some of the pictures from, with the stone picnic benches.


From here on I am posting the picture I took originally in April and then its counterpart from May.













DSCN1039 whitebDSCN1525




Just over a month really made a lot of difference. Thanks for reading!

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