Tenth Day: Heading Home and Reflection

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Well, today we are heading back to Minnesota. But first, we stop at the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo. My grandfather is a big classic car enthusiast who has been here before, so he was excited to stop again. As it turns out, they actually have a lot more than just cars there, although their collection of cars is great. There is an extensive museum of gemstones too, among many other topics. We spent a few hours here going through everything. I don’t have many good pictures from the inside though. But, if you have enough time and are maybe making a stop at the hotel in Murdo, it is a fun place to stop at (especially if you like antique and classic cars.)The rest of the way back really doesn’t have much to talk about or any pictures. It was just heading back through the lovely South Dakota prairie. We stopped at the Lewis and Clark rest stop from the first day and explored the trails a little bit more, so that was nice. I had been itching to do that ever since I saw that there were trails back there. Otherwise, just driving back and getting home to the Twin Cities after dark. This was an amazing trip, and was my first road trip like this aside from visiting Wisconsin and Iowa (which were mostly just day trips). The Badlands were a stark change from the forests and fields of Minnesota we had just left behind on the first day, while the Black Hills made me think of the classic outdoors. Hills, dense forests, wildlife, and mountains.

Wyoming’s vast green grasses and forests with red rocks jutting up out of the plains were beautiful, as was the scrubland and forested breaks of Montana. I was very satisfied by our time here, and writing up this lens has been like reliving the whole trip again. I hope you enjoyed this, and that it will inspire people to travel (maybe to these destinations!)

Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear comments from anyone!

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