Snowfall yesterday


Yesterday we had light snowfall throughout the day leading into a blizzard, so I took a few pictures in the evening. It went from almost no snow at all to this in a day. And, today, it is already melting and has lost multiple inches.

Snowy yard and treesSnowy driveway, cars, yardAccumulation of nearly 11 inches on a bird bath


I measured this spot later, and there were around 11 inches built up (27.94 cm).


Snowy road with many snowy pines


In places, it had reached up to 13 inches (33.02 cm). Weather changes pretty fast at springtime here, and it seems like this will be mostly melted by Saturday.

3 thoughts on Snowfall yesterday

  1. That’s a huge amount of snow, everything’s so white.Is it as cold as it looks?

    • Yeah, the white atmosphere of everything and the quiet is pretty nice when there is a big snowfall. The snow just seems to dampen all sounds.

      It was just a few degrees below freezing that day, maybe 28-30 F. It is chilly, but it isn’t so bad after a cold winter. It was colder than it has been lately though, we have generally been above freezing this week. They are predicting 70 F on Sunday, and these past two days have been up in the high 40s at maximum.

      It would have been pretty cold after a hot summer, but the actual feeling of cold is pretty relative to what it has been like.

      What sort of weather do you have going on this time of year?

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