Timelapse of Turbo Snail Eating

My dad has a saltwater fishtank which he recently added a few snails to. I thought they might make a good timelapse subject, and this seemed to turn out relatively well, although it is a little bit choppy.. The large fish is a friendly (if skittish) batfish that we have dubbed Bruce.

I found it interesting how the snail became inactive, and pulsed occasionally. I had never really considered if snails slept or not. In looking it up, I found this interesting article on phys.org : ‘First evidence of sleep in snails’. I also found some anecdotes from people about their snails sleeping like that, although not a lot concerning turbo snails. As my mom pointed out, it could also be some kind of resting for digestion, but not full-on sleep. That makes sense too. I wonder which one this was? Also, what might that occasional pulsing have been? I will look into it more, and if anything fascinating turns up, will make a follow-up post.


3 thoughts on Timelapse of Turbo Snail Eating

  1. Maybe the pulses were not pulses, it seemed to me that the snail was trying to keep itself stuck to the glass, it was probably loosing it’s grip overtime.

    • Hmm, it does look like it moves its…foot? when it does that. That seems like a pretty good explanation for that pulsing/shifting, if it was re-positioning. Thanks for the input!

      • Yeah, I wonder what that white mass could be. Also, blog’s looking good, keep it up!

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